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The Nintendo Wii Fit Accessories Shop is the only place to buy all the great Wii Accessories for your Nintendo Wii Console. With so many new great games being created weekly by the gaming masters at Nintendo more and more accessories are being manufactured for you to be able to play these great Wii games at the highest possible level



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Which are the best Wii Controllers for you?

There are so many Wii Controllers out there, that it is mind boggling to know which one is the best for you and the game you choose to play. You need to consider a few things before you pick the ideal Wii Controller for you:

  • Which games you are playing
  • How many people are playing
  • Where you are playing

Dependant on the game you play you can use one main controller, or a mix of a few such as the zapper which combines the main controller, the Nunchuck and the zapper. If there are a lot of you playing then games such as the musical based ones are best as you can use many different controls such as the guitar, drums etc so you can all have fun. Finally, if you are limited with space then pick a controller that needs little movement such as the Wii Wheel, but if you have lots of space, go crazy using your Wii Controller and use as many as is possible!

The Wii System is not just for games!

The Nintendo Wii Console still remains to be one of the most successful consoles of all time and there are many reasons why. The way that the Wii Console can be adapted for any use is amazing, for example obviously you can play games on it, but you can do a lot of other things such as watching movies, going on the internet and even buying more games. You can watch movies by putting your own DVD’s in but you can also download movies from the internet. Whilst on the internet on your Nintendo Wii Console you can listen to the radio, play with other players online and even chat to other gamers. Use your Wii Console to buy more games with the Virtual Console where you can buy games with Wii Points. The possibilities are endless!

Get the best Wii Games for the best prices!

Obviously no console would be complete without the Wii Games, so put your trust in us and see which are the best Wii Games to have and why. We offer reviews and comparisons of all Wii Games and give you up to date prices for the best deals on the games. Last year’s most popular games were, amongst others, the Wii Sports Resort, Super Smash Bros Brawl and the hilarious Mario Kart. These are all great games that can be played alone or with friends and family, but there is one thing that Wii Games guarantee and that’s fun!

A guide to NintendoWiiFitConsole.co.uk:

There are so many accessories for the Wii that it can be difficult to work out what to buy and where so make sure you determine what it is your looking for, whether its accessories for your Wii Fit in which case click on over to the Wii Fit Accessories page or if you need extra controllers shaped like golf clubs to give you a lifelike experience. Once you know what you need, check our up to date comparison charts for the best prices on the Nintendo Wii Console and the Wii Accessories and where to buy them from.

Remember the dark old days of just holding the standard controller in your hand? Well, now you can accessorise your Wii console controllers to look like swords, guns, boxing gloves, baseball bats and even cooking utensils which all adds to the great family fun that can be had with the best interactive gaming consoles on the market!

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